Laguna Hotshot Camp Weather

Friday, May 19, 2006

Field Training

Well the crew completed and survived their 4 days of grueling field training. Their training consisted of hiking and cutting line in 94 degree and 16% Humidity weather from 0800 to 1830. While doing so, several scenarios were thrown at the crew, spot fire drills, medical evacuations, weather observations and talking to dispatch over the radio. Here are some highlights from these weeks training.

Hiking into the work site in Fred Canyon (Mock-Fire)

Line Construction begins. Typically on a fire we would cut roughly 6' to 10 ' of brush away depending on the height and a 2" to 4' scrape down to mineral soil. Because this exercise is being done in conjunction with a fuel break project, the cut was 20' with a 2' scrape.

Performing a mock medivac. In this scenario a swamper was cut in his leg by the chainsaw. The drill would later pay off during our training.

Roll call and morning briefing.

As stated earlier, our medivac drill would pay off. This was an actual medivac of a hotshot. He had gotten his foot caught between two rocks and slipped which caused him to twist his knee. His injuries were minor and will be back to duty in a few days.


Firefighters use this personal protection as a last resort if a wildfire traps them and they cannot escape. Firefighters can get into the tent-like shelter, made of heat reflective material, in about 25 seconds.

Even though these are plastic training fire shelters, the deployement can be exhausting due to the heat. This is not even close to what a firefighter would go through in a real deployement, yet they have survived.

Just one of the hidden dangers!

One last medical evacuation drill!!

On the the 3rd evening the crew got a break from eating MRE's (Meal Ready to Eat (a Ration Pack)) and got to BBQ hamburgers and hotdogs. They will be waking up at 0300 for a simultated night fire drill on an old prescribe burn.

The white dots are the crew headlamps while cutting handline at night.

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