Laguna Hotshot Camp Weather

Monday, May 22, 2006

Romero Fire

The crew has arrived on the Romero Fire. The Type 1 team has pulled everyone off the line until they come up with a plan in the morning due to the steep terrain. They believe the fire to be about 800 acres now. It did run to the top of the ridge and may have slopped over the top. It sounds like there will be about 6 Hotshots on this. Already there is Del Rosa, Gila, Horseshoe Meadows and us on scene. The fire has pretty much layed down for the evening.

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Firewife said...

Wow sounds like this one may be your first 14 day assignment. The GACC shows a total of 10 crews for your fire. More probably will show up later. Stay safe especially in the steep terrain!!