Laguna Hotshot Camp Weather

Saturday, May 27, 2006

This slopover is about 50 acres. It was a small smoke in the goat rocks which was not accessable. We had been watching this for a couple days but it did not appear to be a problem. When the winds began last night, it was pushed out of the rocks into a drainage. This morning the helicopters (1 medium and 1 heavy) kept it in check but was not safe enough to put a crew in. The plan is to have our crew hike in at 0500 and line it or cold trail it and be out by noon. Currently we have the Arizona State Crew and the Geronimo Hotshots here to assist if we need it. A new fire has started on this district which as of 1800 was 100 + acres and evacuations had begun. If our fire holds for the next two days, we may end up on this new fire.

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