Laguna Hotshot Camp Weather

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Shift 3

Today was not as active as the last two. The work done on Div. D has held except for a small slop over. So we were in mop-up mode in very steep terrain. Depending on how the night shift does, we may be back in the same Division or moved over to Div. Y where most of the activity was yesterday.


In the helicopter flying back to the helibase.


Firewife said...

How in the world do you hike and cut line on a mountain that steep??? Wow, that is some steep country!!

firemom said...

It is so awesome of you to take the time to update your site. It helps give us a climpse of what you do!
Especially climbing steep mopuntians!

Be Safe, Have Fun, Make a Difference!

GP said...

whats that guy wearing on his head? Is he a bagger??

???????? said...

He is wearing a shroud on his head to cover up the black hard hat from the heat because the hard hat gets extremely hot. who in the world picked that color