Laguna Hotshot Camp Weather

Monday, June 26, 2006

Shifts 5-7

We where spiked out on shifts 5-6 on the Perkins Fire. There have been thunderstorms that last couple of days with some nrew starts. Today we went to one of the new starts since it was withing the Perkins Fire Team response area. It started last night and was about 35 acres. It was called the McPherson. The Los Padres also had the Canyon Fire which is contained at 30 acres and the Rattlesnake Fire which is in the wilderness. Last word on the rattlesnake is that it is 1/4 acre. Here are some photos from the last few shifts.

Spike Camp.

Sometimes we are so far out we need to rely on natural resources. Here Katie filters water from a stream into her canteen as we all were getting low on water.

McPherson Fire. It's a lot steeper than it looks!

STRANGE BIRD? Cobra Helocopter platform. Used for recon, Infra Red and mapping.

BEST FRIENDS! Superintendent Dennis Baldridge of Laguna and Bob Bennet (Horseshoe Bob) Superintendent of Horseshoe Meadows Hotshots. Dennis and Bob met in 1975 on the Palomar Hotshots. Bob will be hanging up his hard hat in October.


Laguna Hotshots said...

Otherwise known as "The Grumpy Old Men"!

K Beare said...

I met Dennis in 1987. I believe it was at Palomar observatory. I was on a Pennsylvania crew. Good to see him again.