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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Final Shifts (Millard Complex)

The crew spiked out for a night in Div. AA Top. We did one more shift then finally got some helireppellers to put in a new helispot in an area we have been trying to get into for several days. The was the last piece to be put in to have the fire completely lined. We are currently demobed and enroute home.

Flying into a hot LZ!

Crew unloading to go cut line on the flare up.

Crew hiking to the flare up.

Glow worm?

Confucius says:
"To be a HOTSHOT, one must be well balanced!"

1 comment:

Firewife said...

So did Chris eat that bug?? The crew looks like little ants hiking in that one picture!!
Glad you all made it home safe!!