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Thursday, June 21, 2007

The 4-4-40

What is the 4-4-40? It is a challenge that many will take few will win.

The CHALLENGE: Drink 4 qt of water in 4 minutes or less and keep it down for 40 seconds.

The PRIZE: $195


The RESULT: Click here for the video result-WARNING Not for the squeamish!!

Click here for the close up photo result-WARNING still implies!!

This is what happens when firefighters are FIRE DEPRIVED!! Idle hands are the Devil's tools.


Anonymous said...

This video is gross!! I don't even think I could keep down 1 qt!!!

Hotshot Wife

Bob Blogger said...

Very Dangerous a crew leader needs to step up and end this contest now!
Research deaths from drinking too much water too fast and you will agree.
It really screws up body chemistry and can cause shock even a heart attack!
I wrote your blog up at CAL FIRE NEWS - and will get your blog a side bar link...

Besides that I love you guys stay safe, piss clear, stay in the black, and get back home each time.