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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Crew saw the lake today....

Today was a routine shift on a fire assignment. They mopped up in about 1000' and continued to drop snags and other hazard trees. There wasn't much fire activity today. The wind event that was expected never showed up. The crew actually saw Lake Tahoe today, which hadn't been seen in days, due to smoke and fire activity.

They saw the "bear" again today. He's a real live Smokey Bear. The first day of the fire, he was seen clinging to a tree, while the fire raged around him. He has been spotted everyday by the crews. Today he was seen near a tree, and then he was leaning up against it, just resting. Looks like he has some blisters on his feet and maybe a little scuffed up, but still alive.
The crew was seen on High Definition News today. They were cutting down a snag. It was such a great shot of them!!

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