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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Rombo Fire (Seasonal Fire)

Sounds like this fire has been pretty active. The crew was pulled away from the fire a few times due to extreme fire behavior. They are currently cutting indirect line ahead of the fire. This will help with burnout operations. The goal with the burnout operation is to coral the fire into some old burned areas, where it will held it until it snows. This is why they call this a "seasonal fire"
The fire is currently 2,550 acres and still growing. The outlook through the end of the week calls for hot and dry weather with a chance of thunderstorms. The crew has been out of phone contact since Monday afternoon, but the Superintendent called today and said that everyone is fine and despite the extreme fire behavior conditions, they are all safe. They will be released from their 14 day assignment on Sunday. Should make it back to California by Tuesday, then off Wednesday & Thursday for R&R, followed by their days off Friday & Saturday.

The Laguna Hotshots send their condolenscces to the families of the burned firefighters on the Poe Fire in Idaho. They are members of the La Grande Hotshots, from Oregon. Thankfully it sounds like the burns were minor and they should be okay. Our thoughts are with them during this time.

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