Laguna Hotshot Camp Weather

Sunday, November 18, 2007


The remainder of the crew that is career have been spread out across the district to cover the fire engines that laid off their temps. This following week all vacation and holiday leave has been cancelled to maximize coverage for the expected wind event. Not sure what to expect as the weather folks are split on their weather models. Some say we will have mild east winds while others predict the same event (76 + mph winds) as the event that started all the big fires last October. None the less we need to be prepared for the worst. As well as maximizing our forest coverage, several air tankers, helicopters, dozers and engine strike teams will be on stand by as well. Two Incident Management Teams will also be pre-positioned in California ready to take on any new starts.

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Hotshot's Wife said...

Looks like this turkey dinner will stay in the freezer!! Stay safe....