Laguna Hotshot Camp Weather

Friday, June 20, 2008

Spiked out...

The crew is spiked out tonight in a campground near the Arroyo Seco river. Today was a very hot day working in extremely steep terrain. A majority of the crew is dealing with Poison Oak, still.

The current size (as of 1500 today) is 50,320 acres and approxiametly 50% contained. The fire made a significant run today in Horse Canyon at mid-day producing a large column of smoke. The rest of the fire exhibited primarily backing and smoldering fire behavior throughout the day.

Temperatures today were 109 degrees. The RH today was 10 % There was a mandatory "stand down" for the entire fireline today. This is when everyone has to take a break under some trees and water up. This order came after numerous heat related injuries occured on the fireline.

**LHS was not one of the affected crews**

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