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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pics from the Clover Fire

The Clover Fire
HIDDEN DANGER! A bee hive hangs above the edge of the fire where the handline was to be placed. This is just one of many reason why we teach the crew to "Look Up, Look Down, Look Around". The handline was redirected to avoid placing anyone under the hive.

Spike camp on mountain peak. (Elev. 9,500 ft)

Crew hiking in to "Cold Trail" the line. Cold Trailing is a technique where the crew uses either their hands or "Fire Finders"(hand held heat sensors) to feel for any heat on the fires edge. If no heat is felt or detected, no handline is placed. If heat is found, handline and mop-up is done. This technique allows the crew to cover more area in less time, creates less fatigue in doing un-necessary work and is less disturbing to the land.

View of the Piute Fire from the Clover spike camp. The Piute has been burning for 2 days.

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