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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Photos from the Iron Complex, Shasta-Trinity NF

Hayfork Bally Lookout tower. Great way to see all the different fires on the Iron and Lime Complex.

The Eagle fire starts to heat up and threaten the town of Big Bar. This became a week long firing operation to keep the fire from Big Bar and crossing the Trinity River.

A little assistance from our friends on the Ventura County Fire Crew T1 (Type I handcrew) with their Tera-Torch.

There's always time for a poser shot!!

The Eagle Fire as it backs down behind the sleeping area of the River camp.

This critter was found crawling on the Supt's. neck.

Jeff Gauyan (Apprentice) assists Kern County Paramedics with an injured water tender operator who rolled his water tender off the road.

Our last 3 days on the Iron Complex was on the Buckhorn Fire. We did some prep work for firing out, which El Cariso Hotshots completed after we left. We did however get to fly out in style in the Sikorsky S-61N operated by Carson.

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