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Wednesday, August 06, 2008


We would like to remind our readers that we are a strong supporter of the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. We would ask that you go to their website and either join the 52 club ($52 a year) or what ever your heart wants to donate. Below is a description of the organization. They are very much involved in all the cuurent fatalities that have occured and any donations would greatly help the families who have recently lost their loved ones in the line of duty. Please click on the link below...

Wildland Firefighter Foundation

The Wildland Firefighter Foundation provides immediate financial assistance to the families of injured or fallen wildland firefighters. The Foundation also supports programs and partners that work toward reducing the potential and probability of wildland firefighters being injured or killed in preventable line of duty deaths, and endeavors to recognize and honor wildland firefighters, past, present and future.

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firefighter08 said...

I have written a novel about wildland firefighters. It is on sale in the WFF store, all profits go to the WFF.
The book is called
One Foot In The Black
God Bless
Kurt Kamm