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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Off to the Lassen...

The crew completed two long shifts on the "Gulch" fire. The fire is completely lined and in the mop up phase. The crew has been demobed and is now assigned to the Lassen National Forest in Chester, Ca. They are being "Pre-Positioned" there due to expected high temps and single digit Relative humidity's.
While the crew is on night shift in heavy timber, it is often very difficult to find spot fires due to poor visibility through the trees. A handy tool that we us is a "Night Vision Goggle". Our lookout can see any heat signatures such as spot fires as well as the crews headlamp. This allows the lookout to guide the crew into the spots as well as warn the crew of any fire danger below them that they cannot see. The photo below was taken through the Night Vision Goggle.

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