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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rehab on La Brea fire

The crew is sending many condolences to the family and fire fighters with the Klamath Hot Shots, who were affected by the crew buggie rollover yesterday in NorCal (near Red Bluff). Thankfully it sounds like there were mostly minor injuries and only 1 firefighter who has some broken bones and a small concussion.

Today the crew continued to do rehab on the La Brea fire. They are repairing dozer lines on private property. They are also assisting in constructing water bars on fire lines with grades steeper than 10%. Water bars, which are shallow berms on steep slopes, created to divert water into vegetated or natural areas.

Things could change but it sounds like they might get their 14 days out of this one........

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Anonymous said...

Saw you guys in Agoura Hills on the way home from La Brea. Have a safe trip. Nice website. OTHXBC