Laguna Hotshot Camp Weather

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Line completed

The current acreage is 86,000 with approx 60% containment. However winds are out of the NorthEast at 10-15mph (with gusts up to 25mph).

They have been spiked out since Thursday and have been working on constructing handline on Division K. The plan was to do a firing operation after the handline was in. Line has been cut around the west end of the fire.

Today they have been moved to Division K where they will again be spiked out, and assisting in putting handline in to do a firing operation. The objective is to do the firing operation to tie it in to the Zaca fire (last year). They are working below the Sierra Madre ridge with the Arrowhead Hotshots. Fire behavior active in front of them and is creating a challenge to put in handline.

Captain Talbot is able to work on his taskbook for Strike Team leader, on this fire.

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