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Monday, June 07, 2010

Horseshoe Fire Update

The crew is on day 10 of their 14 day assignment on the Horseshoe Fire. The first week the crew cut contingency line along the forest boundary and behind the local community.  The main fire was about half lined but terrain became too steep and dangerous to put anyone in.  So, the plan was to wait for the main fire to come out and use the contingency line to fire off of to protect the structures and community.  The fire has not moved much and has gone out on it's own in some places.  This week the crew has been working in the South Fork Canyon monitoring the main fire as it backs slowly down to the South Fork Creek.  The crew has put in some check lines to hold the fire at the creek and to prevent further spread of up canyon runs during the heat of the day.  The fire is doing a great job on it's own cleaning up the forest floor and is creating a healthier forest.  The Type 1 team will be transitioning to a Fire Use Team sometime this week.  This team will monitor the fire and assist where needed similar to what we have been doing already.

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Anonymous said...

Your doing a great job! Thanks KT

Anonymous said...

Very impressive what all of you sacrifice to be there, thanks for all that you do. Nancy