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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Job Announcements

Here is the current Job Announcement for the Hotshot seasonal jobs.  *For city location, select Alpine, CA...
Click on the Hotshot Announcement number and you will be taken to a site that explains the position and how to apply.

Announcement                                        TITLE SERIES/GRADE


Announcement                                        TITLE SERIES/GRADE 
                   OCRT-462-3-FIRE-DT                        Forestry Aid - Fire General GS-0462-3
                   OCRT-462-4-ENGINE-DT                  Forestry Technician - Engine GS-0462-4
                   OCRT-462-4-PREV-DT                      Forestry Technician - Prevention GS-0462-4
                   OCRT-462-4-HLTK-DT                      Forestry Technician - Helitack GS-0462-4

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