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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Hotshot's Prayer

A few years ago, my wife wrote the "Hotshot Prayer" out of frustration that there was only a prayer for Structure Firefighters.  Little did we know what an impact this prayer would have 11 years later.  I am posting this in of Honor the Granite Mountain Hotshots...

 The Hotshot's Prayer

When I am called to duty, Lord
To fight the roaring blaze,
Please keep me safe and strong
I may be here for days.

Be with my fellow crewmembers,
as we hike up to the top.
Help us cut enough line,
For this blaze to stop.

Let my skills and hands
be firm and quick.
Let me find those safety zones,
as we hit and lick.

For if this day on the line,
I should lose my life,
Lord, bless my Hotshot Crew,
my children and my WIFE.

~~ Patricia Huston, IHC Wife  ~~
copywright October 2002

1 comment:

Jackson Canine said...

Great job Trish! Thank you. Doug Shields, '76 Laguna Hotshots.