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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Temporary Employment Job Announcements

Below are links for the 2014 Fire Season Temporary Job Announcement applications.
Applicants have two weeks (Feb 12) to complete and submit their applications.    To apply for Laguna Hotshots, you will need to select Alpine, CA for your location to work.

Series/Grade/Job Title/MR Number                                                           Vacancy Announcement Number

TEMP-GS-0462-03-FORESTRYAID (FIRE SUPPRESSION) FS3867                       TEMP-R5-GS462-3-SUPPR-DT

TEMP-GS-0462-04-FORESTRYTECH (FIRE SUPPRESSION) FS3868                                TEMP-R5-GS462-4-SUPPR-DT    

TEMP-GS-0462-04-FORESTRYTECH (HOTSHOT/HANDCREW) FS2036                               TEMP-R5-GS462-4-HS/HC-DT

TEMP-GS-0462-04-FORESTRYTECH (ENGINE) FS1476                                          TEMP-R5-GS462-4-ENG-DT

TEMP-GS-0462-04-FORESTRYTECH (HELITACK) FS0199                                       TEMP-R5-GS462-4-HELITK-DT

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