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Friday, November 07, 2014


We have completed Fall Fire Hire.  This hiring was for career appointments, the crew had several folks promoted which is bittersweet as we gained new career folks and lost folks to new forest positions.

CONGRATULATIONS to the the following Laguna Hotshots on their promotions:

          Jamie Miller
Jamie has been on the crew since 2003 and has promoted through the years from Apprentice to Crew Squad Boss.  She has decided to follow her passion in the Fuels Reduction program working for the district Fuels Battalion Chief.

         Maria Mulholland~Coyne
Maria has been on the crew as a Senior Firefighter for several years.  She comes with a strong Hotshot background working for Laguna as well as Bear Divide Hotshots.  She has filled in as Acting Squad Boss on several occasions and comes with a strong leadership ability.

          Steve Roman
          Luke Tinker
          John Gomez
          Kyle Johnston
Steve, Luke, John and Kyle have been Temporary Employees on the crew and will now start their permanent career employment with the Forest Service.


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