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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Temporary Wildland Firefighter Job Announcements

Here is the job announcements for temporary (Seasonal) positions on the Cleveland National Forest.
Unless specified below, you must select what location you want to work in the application.  See map, for Descanso Ranger District select ALPINE, for the Palomar Ranger District select RAMONA.

NEW: The Trabuco R.D. is using a general “Suppression” announcement for its GS-4 Engine and Hot Shot positions, i.e., individuals applying for either of those position types for the Trabuco R.D. must use the same announcement, there is not a “Corona” location available in the separate “GS-4 Engine” and “GS-4 Hot Shot” announcements.

*IMPORTANT: The application process will only be open from January 11th to January 15th, 2016.  That's only 5 days to apply.

Job Announcements are now Linked to the On-line Application

ANNOUNCEMENT#                          TEMP POSITION TITLE

16-TEMP-R5-0462-3FAID-DT                GS-0462-03-Forestry Aid (Fire Suppression)
16-TEMP-R5-0462-4FIRE-DT     GS-0462-04-Forestry Tech (Fire Suppression) *Corona, Ca- ONLY
16-TEMP-R5-0462-4FTE-DT                 GS-0462-04-Forestry Tech (Fire Engine Operator)
16-TEMP-R5-0462-4FTHH-DT               GS-0462-04-Forestry Tech (Hotshot/Handcrew)
16-TEMP-R5-0462-4LOOK-DT              GS-0462-04-Forestry Tech (Lookout)
16-TEMP-R5-0462-4FTH-DT                 GS-0462-04-Forestry Tech (Helitack) *Ramona, Ca- ONLY

16-TEMP-R5-0462-4FDSP-DT               GS-0462-04-Forestry Tech (Fire Dispatch) * El Cajon, CA- ONLY

16-TEMP-R5-0462-5FTFD-DT               GS-0462-05-Forestry Tech (Fire Dispatcher) * El Cajon, CA- ONLY

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