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Friday, August 24, 2007

They made the news

Hotshots at work
(Video By: Zeke Barlow)
The Laguna Hotshots are one of the many hotshot crews fighting the Zaca fire. Hotshots are considered the Green Berets of the fire fighting community because of their ability to attack fires in remote locations. Sometimes they will helicopter in to the middle of a forest only to have to hike out for miles after working 12 hours.

Laguna Hotshot Angel Preciado, 30, of San Diego, works on his chainsaw. The
Laguna Hotshots worked on the Zaca fire when it first started but then were
called off to Montana for another fire before being requested to the Zaca fire for
a second round.

Jessie Vasquez, 33, of San Diego works to clear brush. Vasquez is a
member of the Laguna Hotshots. He and the rest of the crew were
making a fireline in preparation for a prescribed burn.

Members of the Laguna Hotshots hike their way out of an
area where they had just finished cutting a fireline.

The Laguna Hotshots quickly clear brush and cut a fireline
in preparation for a prescribed burn.

Chris Miller, 23, of San Diego, works to clear brush.

Chris Talbot, 36, of El Cajon walks along a ridge while members
of his Laguna Hotshot crew clear an area of brush below.

After clearing brush Christina Levesqu, 30, San Diego, sharpens her
Rhino shovel.

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