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Thursday, May 22, 2008


The crew has completed their 40 hours of field exercises. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties with the camera that took photos of the exercises, we cannot post those pictures. The camera accidentally got ran over but showed no damage to the camera itself. It appears that even though the camera casing itself did not crush, enough force was applied to cause an electrical spike that fried the screen and possibly the memory card. We are currently working with the Sony Media Recovery Services to see if it is possible to retrieve the images.

We would like to thank Cal Fire Capt. Tim Stevenson and his flight crew for assisting us in our field exercise. Sheriff copter 12 out of Gillespie assisted with live water drops on a mock spot fire the crew was cutting line around. We also conducted a live patient extrication drill and had copter 12 fly in and pick up the patient. Capt. Stevenson and crew also explained the capabilities and uses of their ship.

We did manage to get some photos of the last shift and the night shift.

Finishing up the 20' cut 3' scrape.

Getting ready for the next drill.

Night Cut

If any of the crew members have more photo's of the exercises, we will post them.

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