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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Photo's from the Chalk Fire

The crew had a variety of assignments on this fire, Direct/In-Direct Handline, Hotspotting and firing operations.

The fire backing towards the Mill Creek Drainage

The smoke is from a small slop-over that crossed the Cone Peak Road.
It was planned for the crew to go indirect up the grass ridge and tie it back into the Cone Peak Road.

The picture shows why we did not go with the previous assignment. Fire behavior picked up and was moving towards Kirk Creek Drainage.

Air Tanker attempts to place a retardant line to keep the fire in check on the grass. The fire later spotted across that line as fire behavior increased.

One of the best part of the job, the views.

The fire as it backs down Mill Creek Drainage. It was decided by the crews to hike into the Mill Creek Drainage and cut indirect line up the ridge that has the bald spot in middle. The line would connect to a dozer line on top in which other crews are firing out towards the coast.

The crew can be seen in the bottom left of the bald spot cutting line.

Night firing. The crew assisted with holding the line as the Springville Hotshots finished firing the line off. The silhouette is of Joaquin "Jack" Medina, Superintendent of Springville Hotshots.

The is a shot of Laguna Hotshots and El Cariso Hotshots hiking in together to cut an in-direct contingency line.
The line would go from Hwy 1 to Twin Peaks across to Cone Peak. This was in case the fire crossed Hare Canyon, this would be the next closest ridge to hold it on. The crew's broke off and started "Leap-Frogging" each other. We where joined by other Hotshot crews in assisting to finish this long piece of line, El Cariso, Horseshoe Meadows, Palomar, Del Rosa, Ukonom, Springville and Dalton. End result, the fire stayed high in Hare Canyon and the crews where able to go in and cold trail (walking the edge and only lining the heat).

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