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Thursday, May 14, 2009

1st Week of Training

The crew has been doing their first phase of mandatory Fireline Safety Refresher. This week consisted of classroom/hands-on training. The crew started the week off with the "Work Capacity Test (aka: Pack Test)". This test requires the firefighter to walk 3 miles with 45 lbs on their back within 45 minutes or less. The rest of the week the crew reviewed; Extreme Wildland Fire Behavior, Wildland Urban Interface (Structure protection/traige), Firing Techniques, Hazard Tree Awareness, Chainsaw Safety/Maintenance, Situational Awareness, Entrapment Avoidance and fire shelters to just name a few.

Marching along (The Pack Test)

Squad Leader Tim Kraling covers Chainsaw Safety

DRILL: Getting gear packed for flight travel.

DRILL: Taping/Preparing tools for Helicopter Flight

Chainsaw Maintenance Class

Getting some hands-on

Next week the crew will be spiked (Camped) out for field exercises. This will be their final phase of Fireline Refresher Training before going available for national assignments. The field exercise will consist of several drills ranging from Handline construction, Picking up Spot Fires, Weather Observations, Medi-Vacs, eating MRE's and so much more.

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