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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crew Completes Fireline Refresher Training

The crew completed 4 days spiked out (Camped) on a mock fire incident. The crew cut line and was run through some rigorous drills in 90+ degree weather.
Check out the SPOT button for the crew's location to see where they have been working.

Spike Camp-This is where the crew slept and fed on MRE's or what other ration they brought, water and Gatorade.

Each day the crew was given a briefing by the Supt... The briefing covered the expected weather forecast, fire assignment and safety message.

Line Construction: Saws start the cut to open the brush. handtools follow scraping down to bare mineral soil.

Some folks like the chainsaw too much!!

The crew was cutting handline uphill in 6'+ heavy brush.

A saw team consist of a Sawyer (Saw Operator) and a Swamper (Brush Puller), both Sawyer and Swamper switch positions after each tank of fuel.

Fire Shelter Deployment Drill: The crew has been ordered to a helispot for possible deployment as the fire has crossed the line in a wind shift as is headed towards the crew.

Deploying the "Training Fire Shelter". The real Fire Shelters are made up of reflective aluminum and heat absorbing material.

One firefighter broke his leg while trying to escape (Drill), crew members assist the injured to the deployment site.

The fire is getting close.

Crew deploying their shelters.

Two crew members had to share a shelter (the injured and firefighter).

Captains check to ensure firefighters are securely in their shelters. During an actual deployment, extremely strong gusty winds will occur.

After Action Review (AAR) of the deployment drill.

Medivac Drill: The crew also conducted a Medivac Drill. The exercise was a crew member who was hit in the legs by a snag/hazard tree. He suffered a Tib/Fib fracture to one leg and a broken femur on the other. The crew has several EMT's.

Setting up the Stokes Litter Basket.

Packaging the patient for transport.

Carrying the patient to the helispot.

Transversing over steep rocky terrain.

Crew continued to cut line up to Long Valley Peak.

Steep and Rocky. The crew also conducted spot fire drills and firing/backfiring drills.

Division Chief Acree Shreve and District Ranger Owen Martin stopped by to give support to the crew's field exercise. They spoke about the leaderships intent on safety and crew cohesion this fire season. They also surprised the crew with pizza and drinks (a break from the MRE's).

Night Handline Drill: The crew was awakened at 02:30 am for a mock lightning fire in the area. They cut line from 3 am to 6 am.

Completion of night shift.

The crew treats themselves to much deserved breakfast at the Descanso Junction Restaurant.


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading your posts the last few years. I noticed the stokes basket and backboard for your medivac drill. Do you carry this with you or is it left in your buggie?? Thanks

Laguna Interagency Hotshots said...

The stokes and backboard is kept on the Superintendent's truck. However, when the crew is flown into remote locations or is expected to camp (spike), we will fly the stokes, backboard, oxygen and trauma bag in with us. This is based on what medical ships we have available to us on the incident. In some events, we may have weather conditions (thunderstorms) that would delay aircraft getting to us. By having our equipment, we can at least stabilize the patient and hike them to either a helispot once the ship can fly or down to a road where an ambulance can take the patient in the event of an extended delay for aircraft.